To consciously seek growth as a human being is the single most rewarding thing I have done. The more closely I align myself with truth and love – and I don’t just mean the fluffy Hollywood versions of these words – the more fulfilling the existence I create. Here is my take on personal development. I see two branches. One deals with developing your abilities and removing any blockages to your potential. The other deals with self-realization, which means figuring out what you really believe about matters of the soul and spirituality. At the risk of simplification, I see them as human development and spiritual development.

People often begin their personal development journey by toying with the first branch. I did. You seek clearer goals, more skills, better time management, greater courage. But the more accomplished you are at this level of personal development, the more the existential questions creep in from the edges: exactly why do you need goals? When you get what you want, then what? Are you then happy forever? And so you bounce up against the big questions. You know the ones. Is life meant to have purpose? Does God exist? When we die, do we just die?

At this point you have a choice. You can ignore those questions. Or you can let yourself be led from human growth to spiritual growth. The answers to these questions come, but in the form of a truth that is felt and experienced rather than articulated, a truth that is in fact subtly different for everyone but essentially says you are an infinite spiritual being that is unconditionally safe, no matter what the human experience.

How one lives the human existence after experiencing spiritual growth is, in some ways, the really interesting part. I found the next step is actually a return to human development. Now that you can sense the truth of your spiritual essence and higher consciousness, you can live your human life in a more fulfilling, exciting and fun way.

So now, when you develop those professional skills or time management techniques or wealth creation systems, you have a new context for doing so. You are creating a fun human experience, a game of life for the great spirit you know you are. Now you only do the things you love to do. You only enter the friendships and relationships you genuinely want to, and you do so as the unconditionally safe spiritual being you know you are, without the need to receive anything in return – you are an expression of unconditional love.

Aristotle believed that when one develops one’s virtues (talents), one reaches eudaimonia, or a full flourishing life, a state of happiness. When I use my ability as a composer, I am in that eudaimon state. The word eudaimon (eu=well, daimon=spirit) literally means to live well, looked after by a benevolent spirit. My music comes from that benevolent spirit, which is my greater consciousness. Personal development is a neverending journey. It is a journey I enjoy, and I enjoy sharing it with others.

Why I coach

In particular I enjoy sharing it with the people I coach. When I share the insights, tools and techniques that have been my good fortune to acquire, not only do my coaching clients benefit enormously, but I get to pay forward a great thing. This is why I coach – because I have been guided unstintingly by my coaches and I will not have that guidance stop with me.

It used to be that when companies hired new staff, they would pair each of them with an experienced employee who would be their mentor, and not just in matters of the company, but towards what would be considered an ‘upright citizen’ in matters of morals, family and so on.

This doesn’t happen anymore. Industries are losing knowledge as mentorship loses traction. And it’s a symptom of a larger phenomenon. Mentorship used to be a concern of families, where a grandparent or even an older sibling in a big family passes on wisdom, experience and know-how. It’s not that the grandparent is now unwilling; it’s more that today’s young see their world, with its rapidly-changing technology, as being so removed from the past that older people can’t possibly have anything to teach that’s relevant – right? Courage, resourcefulness, upright entrepreneurship and spiritual values like gratitude, unconditional love and truth all transcend time and place.

Once again, if I’ve piqued your interest, give me a call. I’m always happy to hear from people who have an interest, however tentative, about personal growth. If you’re interested in being coached by me, ask and I just may have an opening.

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